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The Cintec anchoring system offers almost limitless possibilities for strengthening, stabilising, anchoring and repairing masonry and other structural elements in buildings.

Whether the goal is to solve an existing problem or to prevent future ones, the Cintec anchoring system can prevent failure from many types of peril: fire, earthquakes, freeze-thaw cycles and weathering.

Its versatility shines in applications for anything from residential high-rises, large council house estates and even single dwellings. Cintec specialises in stabilising system-built construction including hollow pot and beam floors and cladding panels to prevent collapse from the effects of fire, gas explosion or other calamitous events from deterioration of corroded fixings or inherited poor workmanship.

Customised design solutions, often in combination for a single project, can include stabilising chimneys, fixing detaching bay windows, repairing vertical shear and subsidence cracks, tying delaminating wall skins to a main structure, and repairing failing archways.

Why demolish or dismantle and rebuild? The Cintec anchoring system can help restore and maintain structural integrity of a building, with minimal intervention and generally quick installation.

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