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Civitas Social Housing plc helps housing providers release funds to build more homes.

We do this by using our status as the first social housing ‘real estate investment trust’ (REIT) to work with our investor partners to buy portfolios of existing social homes in England and Wales.

CSH is a long-term investor, committed to supporting the social housing sector with significant investment. For us, successful investment will balance the needs of our shareholders with the social objectives of housing providers.

Accordingly, we are advised by a broad range of senior social housing figures and invest in a responsible manner with the aim of creating real value for all stakeholders.

CSH does not develop, forward-finance or manage social homes directly but works in close collaboration with housing providers such as housing associations who provide these services.

This investing activity supports housing providers with the provision of permanent capital to facilitate their objective of delivering more social homes and offers investors the potential for sensible, risk-adjusted, real returns with regular dividend distributions

We want to know the impact of our investments on the wider community and so we regularly measure the social impact of our work.



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