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At Futures Housing Group we want to put customer needs at the heart of all our decisions.

We believe that this is the best way to help us achieve our vision of creating: “Great places, quality services and inspiring futures”.

Our commitment to involving you in our services

Getting involved benefits you as well as other customers because it helps us to:

  • Keep improving – we need your feedback to help us improve the services we provide
  • Make better decisions – we are able to make decisions in a more informed way if we know what you want
  • Be more answerable – involving customers throughout the organisation means you can challenge us and hold us to account
  • Achieve value for money – as a not-for-profit organisation, we need to make sure that we are using the money from your rent in the best way. Understanding your needs is an important part of achieving value for money
  • Above all, getting involved can help you make positive changes in your local area and it allows you to meet other residents and have fun. You could also access free training to develop your skills.


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