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The Ongo vision & values

At Ongo, our vision is quite simple. We want to:

Create and sustain truly vibrant communities.

We know houses don’t make communities, people do. So what we are really about is people. A truly vibrant community is where people have opportunities to be the best they can be, with the right help along the way.We achieve this by having values which run through our company. These are:


We will always work in partnership, because we know with others we can do more. We are great friends with schools & colleges, health providers & charities, local business people and community enterprises. Together we believe we can make a difference and be truly proud of North Lincolnshire and its people.


We are ambitious, with the drive to do things better. Through our surveys we’ve increased the number of customers happy with our services to over 90%, which makes us happy too.


We take our responsibility very seriously, will always be fair and care a great deal about your communities. That’s why we are as open as possible about what we do and how we spend money.

And to prove we mean what we say, we have developed the Ongo promise:

Everything we do is put back into local communities.

This means that everything we do is centred around doing our very best for people, and putting back into your communities. In fact, every penny of profit made by Ongo is ringfenced to go straight back into building homes and delivering community-based schemes.

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