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Cornerstone, 2 Edward Street, Stockport SK1 3NQ

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Stockport Homes was formed in 2005, to manage housing stock across Stockport on behalf of Stockport Council. As a limited company, we operate as an ALMO which is an ‘Arm’s length management organisation’, so whilst the company is owned by the Council, we operate independently on day-to-day matters and delivering services to our customers.

We are looking forward to the future, having signed a brand new management agreement with the Council in 2015, we will be continuing to manage homes and transform lives until 2042.

Being an ALMO means that we have the opportunity to bid for significant amounts of money for investment in your homes. We also receive income from other sources relating to the various services provided, including during recent times over £2m of funding has been secured from the Homes and Communities Agency to deliver new build properties around the Borough.

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