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Who we are

Swan was formed in 1998 with the transfer of some 2,600 properties in Basildon. Swan now owns and manages over 10,000 properties in East London and Essex. The Group includes three trading subsidiaries - Swan New Homes Ltd, VIVO Support Ltd and HERA Management Services Ltd

Our mission is to “create homes and communities that people want to live in”.

This will be achieved by:

  • Maximising availability of affordable housing for local people
  • Meeting our financial targets and offering Value for Money for our customers
  • Being judged as an improving landlord by our residents
  • Tackling the equality issues that matter most to residents
  • Involving our residents and building sustainable communities.

We also have four core values that guide how we will deliver our mission. These values are –

1.   IN TOUCH We create solutions, break down barriers, achieve against the odds - make things happen

2.   INSISTENTWe go the extra mile for our residents, we put energy into what we do because we believe in it

3.   IMAGINATIVE - We listen and respond to our residents and involve them in decision-making, we are aware of the latest developments in housing

4.   INTEGRITY - Integrity: We behave fairly and honestly and in accordance with our codes of governance and conduct

Aims and objectives

These strategic objectives are set out in our Corporate Plan for 2012 – 2015 which was approved by the Board in 2012.

Swan’s activities are focused in the following areas:

  • Providing affordable homes for people who cannot afford to rent or buy in the open market; this includes the new affordable rent product and shared ownership
  • Providing a general needs housing service and a service for the Association’s leaseholders
  • Provision of key worker accommodation
  • Investing in the community and involving residents

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