Awards abound for Grand Union Housing Group

Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) is celebrating being one of the UK’s leading landlords with a number 21 spot on the ‘Top 50 Landlords’ list published by 24housing magazine.


The awards recognise “the brightest and best within the industry” and is compiled by a national poll in the magazine.


Aileen Evans, GUHG’s Chief Executive, said: “It’s lovely to be recognised for the tremendous work we do. We are still faced with challenges of providing more homes and improving the lives of our customers and others within our local communities and this is what we’ll continue to do. However this is a great achievement for us and we’re delighted with our success.


In the same week the Youth Involvement Team of one of GUHG’s subsidiaries, Aragon Housing Association, won ‘Team of the Year’ in the Tpas National Awards 2017 held in Warwick.


Aragon’s team of volunteers – Esme, Katelyn, Iona and Monty – work with Nicola King, Aragon’s Youth and Community Participation Officer, to help develop services for children and young people in the area.


Karen Nicholson, GUHG’s Community Investment Manager, said: “This represents a fantastic recognition for Nicola’s hard work and that of the young people who the team have helped to support over the past 10 years.”


Tpas are England’s leading tenant engagement experts, bringing tenants, landlords and contractors together to improve services, save money and improve communities. Their Team of the Year award recognises where different groups and stakeholders work together and use effective teamwork to achieve tenant engagement, community development or organisation objectives and bring positive outcomes for others.