Bernicia go-live with Aareon QL and 1st Touch Mobile

Dave Pickard, Executive Director of Customer Services at Bernicia, explains the reasoning behind the housing management implementation project, and what Bernicia was looking to achieve.


About Bernicia

Based in the North East, Bernicia has nearly 550 employees managing over 14,000 properties from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north, to Redcar in the south.

Following a merger with Four Housing Group in 2016, Bernicia started to look for a new Housing Management System. They understood that a new system and functionality would be essential to support the new group and its aspirations going forward.

What were Bernicia looking to achieve?

Dave Pickard, Executive Director of Customer Services at Bernicia, explains the reasoning behind the project and what Bernicia was looking to achieve: “Overall our aims were to acquire a new Housing Management System that would on one hand reduce the risk of operating with obsolete software, however, ultimately to make it easier for our staff to work remotely and enable our customers to interact with us digitally. Over 500 of our staff will come into contact with QL across the whole organisation and its geography.

“Bernicia’s vision was to provide a new system that supported primary activities by harmonising multiple systems and processes but would also support our drive for new service delivery models, enabling mobile working and digital access to services for customers.

Why did Bernicia choose Aareon QL Housing Management solution and 1st Touch Core Mobile?

“We chose Aareon QL overall due to it meeting the system requirements needed to realise the organisation’s ambitions and the project outcomes. The existing system was out of date and presented many risks, its functionality was identified as insufficient for the future needs of the business with an over complex arrangement of interfaces.

“It did not support the growing ambition within Bernicia to use digital channels to enhance the customer offer, nor provide capability for staff mobile working. Aareon QL will provide this and more, with additional increased security and compliance with GDPR.

“We are pleased that we went live on September 16thwith Aareon QL Housing, 1st Touch Core Mobile, EDRM and DRS. Bernicia look forward to realising the full benefits of the systems going forward.”

About Aareon UK

Aareon UK are the leading supplier of Housing Management Software and Digital Solutions in the UK social housing sector. With many years of industry specific knowledge, their position as a profitable, growing and innovative organisation enables them to set the standard for business processes in the housing sector both today and into the future.

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