Camberley Garage Project gets £700K Investment from Accent

Accent has invested £700k into bringing 700 garages in the Camberley area back into use.


Accent has invested £700k into a project to improve the 700 garages it owns in the Camberley area.

The first major job was to eliminate the presence of Asbestos from the garages through a specialist removal firm. In this process all of the garage roofs were replaced with brand new anti-condensation roofing sheets.

All of the garage doors have been painted and replacement doors added where needed, as well as general improvements to the sites including foliage clearance, solar lighting and gas-assisted parking bollards.

As soon as the garages are approved for letting, they are advertised at market value of  £18 per week.

The refurbishment project is due to complete this month, providing valuable extra space for Accent’s residents in the Camberley area as well an aesthetic improvement for those living close to the garages.