Cancellation of zero carbon homes policy is bad news for the green economy, the environment and society

Leading housing and planning charity, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) has expressed disappointment after it was confirmed that the Government will not proceed with the zero carbon allowance offsetting scheme, meaning an end to zero carbon homes.

Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the TCPA said:

“The zero carbon homes policy was a world leading initiative for sustainable development, crucial to driving innovation in the development industry and providing a firm foundation for planning decisions.” “The cancellation of the policy marks the end of any benchmark for building the high quality, sustainable homes that we so desperately need.”

“The cancellation of the policy is also a marked contrast to other nations who have created entirely new industries from building highly sustainable new places.”

The TCPA along with Friends of the Earth has brought together the Planning and Climate Change Coalition which includes over 60 cross-sector organisations and individuals. The Coalition has worked hard to ensure that the planning system makes a full contribution to meeting the climate change challenge, and in March 2015, launched a manifesto urging Government to take urgent action on climate change.