Cross Keys Homes helps tenants to downsize

Peterborough’s biggest landlord has introduced a scheme to
help tenants to downsize to smaller accommodation.

This new scheme offers Cross Keys Homes’ tenants who are
living in a property which is too big for their needs, the chance
to downsize helping them to save money on their household bills and
other household expenses.

The scheme will also help make available some much needed homes
for families on the city’s housing register who are most in
need of these larger properties.

Cross Keys Homes’ tenants who are looking to downsize will
be given priority for other suitable properties including any new
build properties in Hampton, as well as receiving help with
moving-in costs and other settling-in incentives.

Cross Keys Homes is particularly interested in tenants living
alone in two, three bedroom and four bedroom homes.

Cross Keys Homes’ head of neighbourhoods and communities,
Joan Tibbs, said: “We certainly don’t want people to
feel pressurised into leaving their family homes after many years,
but we know some people living alone want the opportunity to move
to more suitable accommodation and we can assist them with that

If you are a Cross Keys Homes’ tenant and would like
further information about the housing association’s
‘under occupation’ scheme please contact your
neighbourhood manager in the first instance for an informal