EEDA launches corporate blog to spark business ideas and growth

The East of England Development Agency (EEDA) has become the first regional development agency (RDA) in England to launch an online blog. This new development will help EEDA and its partners discuss how to respond to the big issues facing the region such as climate change, growth and
competing in the global economy.

The blog (short for weblog) is a regularly updated website that creates a two-way, online conversation between EEDA and businesses, public sector and community sector partners and residents. It
will provide a platform for regional leaders and the public to engage directly with EEDA by offering the ability to add publicly-viewable comments on every entry that is posted.

The blog includes contributions from senior management in EEDA, including the chief executive, on topics such as the importance of migrant workers to a successful economy and ambitions for regional
growth, and will feature the latest thoughts, opinions and comment from key EEDA spokespeople.

David Marlow, chief executive of EEDA, said:
“The East of England is the ideas region and this bold new initiative will enable us to share EEDA’s ideas and aspirations for the region with partners, businesses and residents. We
want to improve the way in which we can engage with people in the region to help drive sustainable economic development.”

Rachel Bosworth, executive director of communications and enterprise, added:
“EEDA is committed to constantly finding new ways to interact with the region’s business and public sector leaders and professionals in economic development and regeneration to share
ideas and best practice. Being the first RDA to harness this new technology will help us to reach out to new audiences and build on our reputation of promoting and developing innovation to drive
economic growth and regeneration in the East of England.”

With the additional responsibilities handed to RDAs following the Comprehensive Spending Review 2007, the blog will support EEDA’s intention to be a more strategic body. It aims to encourage
regular debate on how best to deliver sustainable economic growth to benefit the greatest possible number of people and businesses with a focus on higher impact projects.

The current consultation on the draft corporate plan for 2008-11 also sees a series of blog posts being written by EEDA staff, which will help illustrate the examples of how EEDA proposes to
allocate its resources over the next three years.

By presenting these key issues for discussion in a new and open-access forum, EEDA expects to reach a new audience of technology-savvy business leaders, particularly in small and medium sized
enterprises, keen to have their say on the development of the East of England as well as encouraging more businesses to use this type of technology.

The blog will regularly feature a range of contributions from across EEDA. Using the latest version of a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, readers can
‘subscribe’ to the blog to be automatically notified of the latest content. In the future, EEDA plans to supplement the blog by providing audio and video clips of its work from around
the region.

To access the new blog visit: