Friendship Care and Housing: Young Men are in the Minority in Care Homes Across the County

With men accounting for just one in ten of the nation’s care professionals a Warwickshire care worker is looking to dispel the myths that put young men off entering a career in care.

Diane Godsell, who won a special recognition award at last year’s Voice of Care awards for her work, believes that more needs to be done to encourage young people into the sector.

Diane often goes into schools to talk to pupils about working in the care industry, as part of the Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership for Care Ambassador Scheme. The initiative, which is funded
by Warwickshire County Council, Coventry City Council and Skills for Care, encourages young people to consider a career in care.

Mrs Godsell, who works for Friendship Care and Housing, a charitable association that provides homes, support and care across the Midlands, believes young people don’t know enough about
the profession:

“With men being so under-represented in the industry and the constant need for more care professionals it is an ideal time to start communicating with young people and especially young men
about the benefits of working as a care professional.

“People don’t tend to realise what an active and rewarding career being a care professional is, but when you’re dealing with all the different aspects of people’s lives it
can be really varied and interesting. Through my job I’ve been to Glastonbury, The Eden Project and up in a hot air balloon helping people, realise their dreams and aspirations.

“Of course there are the less exciting aspects of the role, as there are in most jobs, but this is more than made up for by knowing you’ve made a real difference to someone’s

As a result of Diane’s passion for enticing young people into the profession Friendship Care and Housing is now looking into developing a placement scheme for school leaver’s interested
in pursuing a career in care.

“I hope that this will be successful in allowing young people to gain a greater understanding about the industry and other care homes will consider doing the same,” says Diane.