Hadston community pulls together to combat anti-social behaviour

An organisation set up to support those in the greatest need in rural Northumberland is celebrating its first birthday in style thanks to the help of Karbon Homes.


AIM North East, a not for profit organisation supporting local communities, has secured £13,000 worth of funding from Karbon Homes for a programme to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour in Hadston and surrounding areas.

The partners recognised drug abuse and anti-social behaviour as being national problems, but wanted to ensure they had a tailored approach to suit the needs of these local communities.

Candice Randall, AIM North East Director, said: “Local intelligence from residents, children, young people and youth workers brought to our attention the problem of drug abuse and anti-social behaviour.

“Recently, this community has suffered two drug related attempted suicides and further hospitalisation as a direct result of drug related incidents, not only having disastrous consequences for those involved, but resulting in the generation of fear and anxiety within the wider community.

“To combat this, and help improve the lives of those who live in the area, thanks to the funding we’ve secured through Karbon Homes’ ‘Investing in Communities’ fund, AIM North East will be delivering a wrap-around care package, which will aim to tackle the issues faced by the community here from all angles.”

To kick start the support and care programme, AIM North East hosted a community event at Hadston Community Centre to encourage the building of relationships between members of the community and their local support services.

Candice added: “We hope that the event, as well as the ongoing project, will highlight to those in the community that their concerns are being listened to and that AIM North East is proactively partnering with local agencies and organisations, such as Karbon Homes, Northumbria Police, and Northumberland County Council, to address them.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Karbon Homes for its support with this project. Thanks to the contribution we’ve received from them, this project will have such a positive impact on the communities in Hadston and the surrounding area.”

AIM North East established itself in March 2018 to bridge a gap left in the community following the collapse of a national charity which had previously supported the area.

Geoff Johnston, Karbon Homes’ Safer Neighbourhoods Officer, said it was hugely positive for a local community like Hadston to have its own locally-focused service to tackle anti-social behaviour and drug use, to tackle how a wider problem for society impacts locally.

He said: “Everyone at Karbon is committed to building strong communities and we are passionate about tackling anti-social behaviour.

“We have a number of ways for our residents to report issues confidentially, whether through calling your housing officer on freephone 0808 164 0111 or using our iWitness service. We encourage everyone to make use of the services we provide.

“Supporting events like this one is a brilliant way for Karbon to build relationships with our residents and reassure them that we are here to help.”

To find out more about AIM North East, contact Candice Randall on aimnortheast@gmail.com