High Rise success with Cintec

Cintec International working in conjunction with Arup have saved high-rise flats in Southwark from costly demolition and re-cladding with brickwork.

The 1970’s built flats have a reinforced concrete frame with a concrete nib projecting at each floor level upon which the external brickwork is seated. Over the years the concrete nib had deteriorated to a point at which there was the real likelyhood of it detaching along with the brickwork.

The selected repair option of using the Cintec Corbel anchor was chosen for its serviceability and proven durability along with economical cost. The system uses micro-concrete injected into a fabric sock surounding a substantial stainless steel structural member. This system is approved for use where there is a risk of fire and has been tested to 1200 degrees C by the BRE.

The corbel anchors were placed in diamond core drilled hole set into the main concrete slab to take the load from the nib and transfer the load of the brickwork to the main reinforced concrete slab.

This meant that the brickwork did not require replacing on a new concrete nib or steelwork thereby saving an enormous length of time and cost.

The work was carried out without the need to decant the occupants of the flats.