How healthy is your supply chain? Take the online check-up

Take the online supply chain health check to ensure you are not buying-in risk via the contractors and suppliers you employ.


Supply chain compliance specialist Altius has launched an online supply chain health check  to give housing managers an insight into the level of visibility and control they have over contractors and sub contractors and any possible areas of risk they are buying in.

Managers submitting answers to the quick online questionnaire receive a customised report highlighting strengths and weaknesses in their supplier relationships and possible actions for improvement.

Gary Plant, Managing Director of Altius, said: “In many organisations, as much as 70% of the service is provided by external suppliers. This can bring both significant rewards and risks. It’s vital to gain complete visibility of contractors, suppliers and service providers so that you can identify any weak links or cracks in the chain.”

He continued: “In large supply chains, blind spots are common, particularly where managers are using spreadsheets and other manual processes to keep tabs on a growing supply base. By failing to organise contractor and sub contractor information properly or profile and audit suppliers, managers can lose sight of what’s important and supply chain health can suffer.”

Complete  the Altius supply chain health check at: