Lights, camera and more action

The recent 12 month sponsorship deal between housing association Aksa Homes and Oldham Coliseum Theatre has been so successful that Aksa has now agreed to continue the partnership for a further 12 months.

During the period of the sponsorship Aksa has had the opportunity to work with and support the Coliseum as well as giving themselves a high profile through branding, joint marketing and PR opportunities.

Mushtaq Khan, Director at Aksa Homes, said: “We are so pleased with our first 12 months working with the Coliseum and what it has achieved. There has been a rise in the awareness of our tenants and families, many of whom didn’t know of the theatre let alone attend a performance.”

Mushtaq adds: “There are plans in place for further tenant involvement to promote their attendance at shows and we will also be holding our annual ‘International Women’s Day’ event at the Coliseum.”

Kevin Shaw, Artistic Director and CEO of Oldham Coliseum Theatres said: “We’re very pleased that Aksa has decided to continue their sponsorship of the theatre. Working with Aksa has allowed the Coliseum to build relationships with more of the town’s communities with a bespoke programme of activities to introduce new people to the theatre.”

The renewal of the sponsorship coincides with the commencement of the second year of Aksa’s sponsorship of the pilot Teaching Theatre Programme at the Coliseum.  This project offers young people living in First Choice Homes Oldham (FCHO) and Aksa Homes the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the backstage running of the theatre, developing new skills, leading to increased employability.    

The programme sees young people being introduced to key aspects of theatre-making in a producing theatre context, including working with scripts, producing events, marketing and sound and lighting design.