Modular housing pilot in Coventry will see what could be first of many off-site homes delivered

WM Housing Group to pilot modular construction in Coventry in what could be the first of many homes to be built off-site.


WM Housing Group to pilot modular construction in Coventry in what could be the first of many of our homes to be built off-site.

We are piloting the homes at a site in Littlethorpe, in Willenhall.

Two homes, a two-bedroom house and a three-bedroom house, will be built off-site by Totally Modular in its factory.

They will then be transported to the Littlethorpe site and lifted on to pre-built foundations before being connected to water, gas and electricity.

Work on the homes, which will be built to last as long as conventional construction methods, is set to begin in early 2019. The properties will reduce fuel bills for residents due to their high thermal efficiency and when built will exceed traditional build standards by achieving the highest energy rating.

Nick Byrne, Executive Director of Development at WM Housing (pictured right), said: ““We’re delighted to be working with Coventry City Council on this pilot which will see us build our first modular homes in the city.

“Modular construction offers very real benefits. We want to run this pilot so that we can properly understand how this works and we hope this will allow us to use this method of construction at further sites in Coventry in the future.”

Cllr Ed Ruane Coventry City Council Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said: “As a council we want to look at all ways to tackle the current housing scarcity, and to mitigate the risks of skilled trade resource shortages, the British weather and reduce the quality control issues associated with traditional build routes.

“The modular homes also reduce the impact on surrounding residents due to the reduction in the build period.”