Newground Together backs new business scheme

Unemployed Salfordians are getting the chance to start their own business.

The Banana Enterprise Network has set up the Banana Business Centre in Walkden, which will help real world help and advice to explore ideas for a new business.

They will also be launching their new and unique “grass root” level Business Networking Group, which has the aim of promoting social inclusion by bringing like-minded people in the community together, to support each other as they start their businesses and learn from each other too.

Newground Together, a member of the Together Housing Group, has given over £18,000 to the new centre to support fledgling businesses.

Peter Jordan, Newground Together Communities Director, said: “Social mobility is a huge part of what we do and this project ticked all the right boxes for us.

“New businesses not only keep money in the local economy, once established they could help get more people into employment. The new business people could also act as mentors for new business people.”

Banana Enterprise Network CEO and Founder, Jayne Allman added: “This is a major milestone on my charity’s journey to support people in need of our help.

“The opportunity given to us is just amazing and I am incredibly grateful to Newground Together and the local businessman.

“Not only do we have the opportunity to engage with even more people who are considering self-employment and want support with turning their dreams into viable, sustainable businesses, we are now able extend our services to others and generate much needed facilities as well as income for our charity.

“Organisations like Banana Enterprise Network have a positive impact on deprived communities by empowering people with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to start their own business and create a job for themselves. Since 2015, the charity has supported over 600 unemployed people.”

Banana Enterprise Network offers FREE support to eligible people who may consider themselves to be at a disadvantage because they are unemployed and unable to find suitable work.

They may have a disability for example, or be a single parent, ex-offender, ex-forces or be facing poverty, but they want to learn about what starting a business involves, so they can make an informed choice about whether to pursue that particular career pathway.

For further details about Banana Enterprise Network please visit or contact Jayne Allman on 07775 066130