Northampton – The New Home Guide

Northampton’s housing market is one of the fastest growing in the United Kingdom. Over the past few years, regeneration in Northampton has attracted many new house buyers who are looking for new build homes.


Looking at the benefits of living in Northampton, it’s not difficult to see why many home owners are drawn to this East Midlands town.

What Draws Home Owners to Northampton

There are many reasons why Northampton is drawing more and more home owners who are looking to relocate. Factors like affordable housing in Northampton, proximity to London and other large cities, and regeneration in the town are just some of the reasons why new-build homes in Northampton are far more popular than other cities in the East Midlands

The Housing Market in Northampton

A major factor why Northampton is seeing an increase in residents is its proximity to major cities. While property prices have skyrocketed in London, house values in Northampton continue to be below the national average. This has caused a boom in the local housing market with many commuters choosing to live in Northampton and commute to London.

For example, there are trains every 15 minutes to London Euston and the journey time is only an hour. Also, from Northampton, it is just over an hour’s drive to Birmingham and 90 minutes to Nottingham. This means there is and will continue to be, an influx of more and more people looking to buy homes in Northampton. With Luton airport being just under 40 miles away, flying overseas on holiday or business isn’t a problem.

The housing market is booming in Northampton. According to some studies, homes sell around 20 days quicker than they do than the rest of the country. With the cost of housing being well below the nation’s average, new-build homes are some of the most popular types of property that people are buying.

However, it is not just affordable housing in the East Midlands that brings new residents to Northampton.

Regeneration in Northampton

Millions have been spent in regenerating the town to give it a complete facelift. For example, the main train station in Northampton and the bus terminal have been completely updated and revamped. This has improved public transport services throughout the town and improved links to other cities.

But the regeneration hasn’t just stopped there. Plans are underway to expand the town’s university campus, increase the number of commercial and office space, and develop a new cultural quarter. Of course, Northampton’s marketplace continues to be a focal point of the town. This, along with redevelopments in the town centre and the building of a new shopping centre has given Northampton a new lease of life.

The local council has also improved the waterside to make it a place where many local residents love to relax. With the 150 parks in Northampton in being close to rural countryside, there are plenty of opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town.

New Housing Developments in Northampton

Northampton has a rich mix of both old and new properties for sale. Many streets have Georgian and Victorian terraced houses that can accommodate large families. However, the latest trend in Northampton’s redevelopment is the number of new-build homes that are coming on the market. These are one of the main attractions for people moving into Northampton.