Ongo secures over £400,000 in funding

FUNDING of £439,700 to support people in North Lincolnshire has been secured by Ongo to help people to get employment.


Two projects are now up and running; the Looking Up project and the Next Level project, with the aim of supporting 570 people over the next three years.

The Looking Up project has secured funding from the DWP for a further 12 months. It is designed to give specialist support to those seeking employment that have a mental health issue. The project will support 100 clients with counselling, coaching, group work and practical help in applying for jobs. The project aims to give clients more confidence to be able to prepare for work.

The second project to launch is the Next Level project, which is part funded European Union. This will see a package of both accredited and non-accredited training to improve the skills of people who are in work, but wanting to progress in their career. This project aims to help people to move into more advanced roles and fill any skills gaps within their workplace.

Yvonne Thompson, Project Manager for the Looking Up project, said: “These brand new projects are really exciting and will be able to support a lot of people living in the North Lincolnshire area.

“The Looking Up project will be great for local people and businesses alike. We will be able to support people in progressing in their current roles to move up the career ladder, whilst helping businesses to fill any skills gaps they might have in their workforce.”

The project will focus on the following sectors to up skill their workforces:

  • Ports and logistics
  • Renewable technologies and green energy
  • Creative and digital
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Visitor economy

Ongo has its own recruitment agency, Ongo Recruitment who can work with clients to find them employment, in their desired sector.

If you’d like to find out more about this project or other ways Ongo can help support you in getting back into employment, visit the website