Royce Road residents revamp skate ramp

Longhurst Homes’ tenants and other residents from Royce Road, Spalding made their way to the nearby playing field for a day of activities on Saturday 16th February which included; planting
trees and shrubs around the playing field and repainting the skate ramp.

The event in conjunction with South Holland District Council is part of the Groundworks year long project which has involved talking to residents about how together the area can be improved. This
has involved a clean up day, fun days with children on the estate to get their views and opinions and other activities.

Prior to the event, the children had designed the artwork to be painted onto the skate ramp together with a specialist artist, James Mayle.

A steady stream of residents and eager children attended throughout the day and staff were delighted by the turn out. Housing officer Elaine Donaldson commented, Events like this are really
important to Longhurst Homes as they provide a way for us to engage with both our tenants and the wider community. The children at Royce Road have played a big part in the cleaning up of the
estate and we have listened to their views and opinions and tried to do as much as we could to help them make improvements to the area they live in put them into practice.

Aaron and Holly who live on the Royce Road estate commented “coming here has been great fun; I love drawing and can’t wait to see the Skate ramp finished”