SDS ‘working tirelessly’ on housing crisis solutions

SDS ‘working tirelessly’ on housing crisis solutions.

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Shelton Development Services (SDS) has been “working tirelessly” to bring affordable housing developers the best solutions to help solve the UK housing crisis. Supporting the evolution of technology SDS and Aareon have teamed up to provide integration between SDS Sequel and Aareon QL.

This is not the only exciting news for SDS customers, as SDS ProVal, Sequel and HomeMatch software are now available through the GOV Digital marketplace.

The GOV Digital marketplace is a government website that organisations can use to find cloud software and services.

Buying through this framework means you can save time and the associated costs of entry into individual procurement contracts.

Many organisations can use the Digital Marketplace as an alternative to the tender process since there is a standardised set of information from each supplier provided on the portal.

This information is what is typically requested in a tender for cloud-based software.

One of the other benefits of using this service is that SDS will be able to work more closely with customers in the pre-sale process than would be possible using a traditional tender arrangement.

The G Cloud 11 framework is an agreement between the government and SDS where both agree to follow the terms of a formal procurement process as described in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Three SDS products are available on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace: SDS ProVal to appraise the feasibility of schemes; SDS Sequel to project manage the delivery of those schemes; and SDS HomeMatch to manage the conveyancing of the homes in those schemes.

This means our customers have a simpler route to procure our brilliant software to develop more affordable homes.

SDS CEO Phil Shelton said, “We are pleased to offer our software on the Gov.UK Digital Marketplace to enable more customers to manage their risk while helping to solve the housing crisis.”

The continued demand for improved efficiency is supported by SDS through innovation and partnership with other housing software providers, including Castleton and Aareon, to enhance capabilities through integration.

SDS and Aareon are working together to support social housing organisations by automatically transferring property and component information from their SDS Sequel project management software into Aareon QL housing management software.

This integration will solve the issue faced by many organisations of how to efficiently migrate new build data to their Housing Management System.

Similarly, changes to property components can be pushed from Aereon QL back into Sequel.

This means the QL / Sequel data can always be aligned without the need for manual intervention.

Shelton said, “We are pleased to continue to support and reduce our customers’ workload by collaborating with the Aareon QL team to integrate Sequel and QL.”