Tackling school holiday challenges briefing released by Northern Housing Consortium

Far from being a relaxing time where parents and their children can enjoy spending time together, for many vulnerable and low income families the school holidays can instead be a time of stress and anxiety.

This is the finding of the Northern Housing Consortium’s look into food poverty, which focused on school holidays and the wider impact they can have on families with school-age children.

The free paper, which was published this week, explores the theme of food poverty over school holidays among the NHC’s membership in the UK, as well as taking a look at schemes in the USA this country can learn from.

As a result of the findings of the briefing the NHC is to run an event on the 27th March on the theme of school holiday food and activity provision in Leeds in association with Kellogg’s.

Kelloggs’ A Lost Education report revealed that around 8,370 schools in England have children arriving hungry or thirsty every morning. For some, a free school meal is the only hot meal available to them during term time.

Satty Rai, the NHC’s Policy Services Manager, said: “Our members do a lot of fantastic work to help children access good quality, nutritious meals all year round.

“Teachers say that if a child arrives at school hungry they lose one hour of learning time per day – if this happens once a week they would lose 70% of a term over the whole of their primary school life.

“Food poverty is a big issue that is having a wide impact on the country, particularly since the recession.

“We’re delighted that our members have been willing to share the interventions they have put in place to help combat the issue.”

You can download Food poverty: school holidays and wider impact for free now from the NHC website, where you will also find more information about our school holiday food and activity provision event.