Turn to Tech to Ease Staff Shortages

Care homes could ease the pressure of staff shortages, and potentially enable their residents to be less reliant on support for some basic activities, by making more use of technology.


A new survey by UNISON has claimed the care system is failing elderly residents because of lack of staff. The survey found more than a quarter of care workers said they were too busy to take people to the toilet.

Yet, according to Britain’s leading provider of toileting solutions for elderly & disabled people, Closomat, equipment exists to enable residents to go to the toilet with no help- whether they need assistance to get on and off the WC, or clean afterwards.

And it maintains the cost of providing the kit equates to paying one care worker for less than two months1).

“It’s called ‘assistive technology’ for a reason! It helps people, instead of them having to rely on a care worker,” states Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manager. “The cost of buying a toilet lifter or wash & dry (automatic bidet) toilet is a ‘one-off’, whereas using staff to take people to the toilet is an ongoing cost, for each client, for each toilet trip, every day, for years,”.

“Take a moment to work out how much time your staff spend taking residents to the toilet, either because they can’t get on or off unassisted, or need help to wipe clean. By utilising available technology, much of that time is freed for other duties. We appreciate not every resident could benefit, but those that are enabled by the equipment feel more independent, dignified, in control, which has a positive impact on their wellbeing.”

Closomat’s Aerolet toilet lifter replicates the natural motion of sitting down and standing up, supporting and balancing the user whilst gently, automatically lowering and raising them over the WC.

The company’s Vita range of wash & dry (automatic bidet) toilets feature integrated douching and drying: when the user remains seated, the warm water washing is triggered with the flush, followed by warm air drying. It eliminates the need to wipe clean, and all its associated considerations of dexterity, balance, hand: body contact, and potential urinal or faecal cross-contamination of hands, body or clothing. The entire range offers the best wash & dry performance available on the market.

Founded 55 years ago and still family-owned, Closomat uniquely provides, in-house, a team of dedicated, qualified engineers, to deliver timely and efficient execution of installation, commissioning, servicing and repair. Details of the Closomat’s assistive toilet care offerings, plus case studies from care home operators, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website www.clos-o-mat.com.


  • Minimum wage £7.50/hour x 8 hours= £60. Cost of Aerolet or Palma Vita toilet £2800÷ 60= 46.6 days